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Bradford PC Repairs and computer Upgrades

Let techsolutions21 repair or upgrade your personal computer
we can repair your existing personal computer or upgrade it

PC repair bradford / leeds

Not all things are meant to last forever and that is true with personal computers. PCs have lots of electrical components that can generate a lot of heat and a side effect of a computer system that doesn't have sufficient cooling is that parts can fail.

With a PC it is not so much if a part will fail but when. Techsolutions21 carry a large selection of spare parts from power supplies to hard drives and memory modules. If a part in your system fails we could be on site and have it replaced within a couple of hours* so you can get back to work gain.

PCs fail not only from failed system parts but also corrupt operating systems resulting from failed updates to power cuts. If this happens we have the ability to scan an operating system and replace essential missing files, in the event this doesn't repair the OS we can always install the operating system from scratch and restore your files from backup. Our windows backup solutions would help you to recover if disaster strikes. You may be asking who does pc repair near me, the answer techsolutions21.

techsolutions21 - PC repair in Bradford, Leeds and throughout Yorkshire

pc upgrades bradford

Over the years has your PC / Laptop become slow and clunky? If so an upgrade from techsolutions21 might just be the answer.

hard drive upgrade

One of the first things that will have a huge impact is upgrading/replacing your old spinning hard drive to a new solid state drive (SSD), unlike traditional spinning hard drives in where a spinning platter rotates with a read/write arm moving back and forth a SSD stores data in non-volatile flash memory so does not rely on mechanical movement to read/write the data hence the speed increase.

pc memory upgrade

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the next upgrade we can make for you. Your current PC / Laptop may come with only 4GB of RAM, the operating system takes quite a chunk of this memory for itself which does not leave a lot left over for program's to run. Currently 8GB of RAM is considered base spec and 16GB is increasingly becoming the norm.

Not only will the above two changes make a huge difference to your system but we can also change the graphics card if your system will allow expansion, cooling can also make a difference to air starved processors, thease are just some of the things we can do to make your PC perform better

techsolutions21 - PC Upgrades in Bradford, Leeds and throughout Yorkshire.

our services

PC Custom Builds

We can custom build a PC to your requirements or we can specify one to suit your needs be it a office pc, gaming pc or video editing machine. All our PC's come with a 12 month guarantee and telephone support*

PC repair & Upgrades

If you have a PC or laptop that you have not bought from us and you are experiencing issues then our experienced engineers can fix your problem. Is your PC / Laptop running slow, we may be able to recommend and install upgrades to get it moving again.

network installation

Are you looking to install a network with servers and clients? techsolutions21 can help you plan and design your network from start to finish.

WiFi solutions

WiFi issues are all too common. We only use tried and tested access points to deliver lag and stutter free internet to your portable devices. Let us solve your Wi-Fi issues for you.

Network security

PC and Network security is something overlooked too often believe it or not. We can asses your current security and advise on ways to lock down PCs, Networks and NAS drives securely.

backup solutions

It is amazing how many companies/individuals do not make regular backups. Let us help you make comprehensive and reliable backups for all your connected devices.

technology solutions

We can offer help and assistance with most technology items you may have. We can also quote and install home cinema solutions along with 'no contract TV' solutions and ALL the features.

remote PC support

We can offer same-day remote IT support if you have an urgent PC/Network related problem and need it rectifying as soon as possible**

IT sales

Are you looking for a new PC, printer, server(s) or network equipment? If so then we can help you, our suppliers always carry extensive stocks ready to go. We also offer a supply and install service, just ask for more details.

IT support contracts

techsolutions21 offer a range of IT Support Contracts to suit your needs. Our support contracts can save you money instead of paying for call-out charges. Feel free to call us and we can discuss options with you.

electrical works

Do you require some electrical work carried out to the latest standards? We can help you with our electrical engineer. From PAT Testing to a simple light fitting to a full office/house re-wire we can get the job done.

web design / seo / email

techsolutions21 can design, host and maintain your website, provide email and SEO all from our in-house team. We have a very happy client base who's websites and email we look after. Get in touch for a free no obligation quote.